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Skin Care ~ Facial Treatments
Tuel Skin Care

 The products used at Body Basics are designed to work in harmony with the body's natural systems to defend the skin from environmental insult during the day, and repair during night. All the products are all natural plant based formulations. Organic ingredients and absolutely no animal testing!

Each of our facials begin with the Tu'el surface cleansing milk/gel and followed by our amazing deep pore cleansing duo. A cleansing oil and herbal toner formulated for your specific skin type.

Anti-Aging Facial ~~ $65.00
Renew and repair with this antioxidant rich treatment needed to fight free radicals and stimulate new cell growth while hydrating and reviving the skin. Includes exfoliation w/steam, face, neck and shoulder massage.
~ add Anti-aging Oxygen treatment ~ +$25.00
~ add Red LED for additional anti-aging treatment ~ +$10.00

Hydrating Facial ~~ $65.00 
This treatment is designed to restore a healthy glow through a Lipid Replacing cleanser and moisturizing exfoliation with steam, application of an antioxidant packed Red Tea Mask and anti-wrinkle eye treatment, followed by moisturizing serum and hydrating cream. Includes face, neck and shoulder massage. 
~ add Anti-aging Oxygen treatment ~ +$25.00
~ add Red LED Light treatment ~ +$10.00

Acne Clarifying Facial ~~ $65.00 
This treatment will remove the keratin buildup and will help brighten and clarify the skin.  Starting with our gel cleanser and followed by our deep pore cleansing duo, we move onto our gentile enzyme exfoliation and then a combination of our two different clay masks is applied to the skin that contains powerful anti-oxidants which are beneficial to all skin types. This mask calms and soothes acne while hydrating the skin. Includes exfoliation w/steam, extractions and light neck and shoulder massage.
~ add Acne Oxygen treatment for enhanced results ~$25.00
~ add Blue LED Light treatment ~ +$10.00 (kills the p-acne bacteria)

Rosacea Treatment ~~ $100.00
This facial is designed to calm and soothe the inflammation associated with Rosacea. It consists of a gentle cleanse, followed by a Cocoa Enzyme Treatment to exfoliate and calm. This is followed by the Rosacea Oxygen treatment and Rosacea Serum. A gentle healing moisturizer is then applied to finish the treatment. Includes Blue LED Light.

30 Minute Express Facial ~~ $40.00
Skin specific cleansing, enzyme exfoliating gel w/steam, Red or Green Tea Mask, hydrating serum and sunscreen. Great for a lunch hour treatment or in between other treatments. Extractions are not included with this treatment.

Gentleman's Facial ~~ $65.00
This is a unique facial treatment that addresses the special skin care needs for men. It includes exfoliation w/steam, extractions, mask, and massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen. This treatment will revitalize, refresh, and improve skin's texture. This treatment requires men to shave at least two hours prior to their appointment.

Mini-Masculine Facial ~~ $40.00
This treatment is for those men who would like a deep cleanse and healthy glow without the fuss of a luxurious facial. It includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation w/steam, anti-oxidant mask and completed with sunscreen.

Lash & Brow Tinting
Eyelash tinting ~~ $18.00
​Eyebrow tinting ~~ $12.00
Lash/Brow Combo ~~ $25.00
Combo w/brow wax ~~ $35.00

Advanced Treatments:
   Microdermabrasion ~~ read more
   Oxygen Infusion